Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Working Away

Most of the team has arrived and have been tirelessly working away at the car. Overall, the car is complete but there are many little things that need to be fine tuned until we can consider ourselves race ready. We will be driving the car over the next few days and collecting some telemetry data so to develop a strategy plan for the race.

Race strategy will be extremely critical to the success of any team at the Panasonic World Solar Challenge this year. The cloud cover and forest fires will keep essential sunlight from reaching the car. Each team will have to manage their power to optimize speed based on the weather conditions. Fore example, a poor strategy may result in a team using up too much power early, without saving enough for cloudy periods later in the day. I'm working out some different scenarios and hopefully we will have an answer to all the weather mother nature has to offer.



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