Monday, October 01, 2007

We've Arrived, and so has the car

So good news, the car got to sydney earlier than expected (relatively speaking). Jochem at Airlift is having it transported out to his warehouse for customs clearance and quarantine inspection. So far, so good, and things seem to be on track after some leg work to get all the documents in order.

Quarantine is the biggest concern. Australia is pretty tight when it comes to goods being imported. Foreign Florae and Fauna are restricted into the country due to the impact it may have to the ecosystem (Simpsons fans think Bull frogs/Chuzwuzzers). They need to insure that there is minimal dirt on the car that may contaminate local areas.

The flight from Tokyo to Sydney was awesome. 3 seats for 2 of us meant lots of room. Food was decent and we got plenty of rest. Right now, we're heading over to the truck rental place to inspect the truck to ensure it will be wide enough for us to use for the crate. We'll run some errands and maybe spend some time in the city.

Need to go clean up and will write soon.
Feel free to contact me on my Canadian cell phone number while i track down a local cell phone.

G'day Mate



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