Monday, October 08, 2007

In Darwin:

Well, we've made it to Darwin. Jim and I travelled 1500 kms Sunday and arrived at ~10pm. We're both tired but excited to finally get on to the business of racing a solar car.

The beta team is on route in Sydney and will be arriving in Darwin later tonight. We dropped by the hidden valley raceway to check out our pit areas (We're in pit 16, so feel free to drop by and say hello :). Umicar (from Belgium) and Stanford have both arrived at the race track. Nuna is somewhere in town. I'm sure there are others who are working away in their secret Australian headquarters. Peter Drescher is coordinating the teams once again in Darwin. We spent some time catching up and talked about our adventures in 2005 with the old motor. Peter was a huge help in us securing a spare motor for that race and provided us with valuable advice about surviving the outback.

And for all those who want pictures, a bunch of my photos did not turn out well in Sydney (wrong camera settings I suppose). Below are some pictures we took along our travel up the Stuart Highway.



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