Wednesday, October 17, 2007

And we're Rolling!!

Today has been the first good day for us in a while. After much modification, we were finally able to get a full day of useful track testing in at Hidden Valley Speedway here in Darwin. After Tom preparred an on-the-fly telemetry system using our old Fluke Hydra data logger and a couple of very impressive wireless modems, we finally have reliable data to work with from our power system.

We have most recently been having difficulties with our motor controller and it's apparent difficulties with driving enough current from a stand still to generate enough torque to accelerate. That being said, aside from a few minor modifications to suspension linkage by Imran, the car has been running well today. Joe posted our fastest lap of the day @ 2m 56s on the 2.9 km circuit.

The array has been delivering a reliable 800 W on a mostly cloudy day, and power was not a problem for us today. Power will likely be a sticky issue once we set out on the race this Sunday (scrutineering and qualifying aside), as we expect fairly consitent cloud cover while in the Northern Territory, and >100 km stretches of highway where the smoke from brush/forest fires will obscure the skyline. Telemetry and strategy will play a very important role if we are to successfully complete this challenge.

As a result of the days' "successes", the team's morale is improving somewhat. Tension is still high and growing taller by the day as we approach our scrutineering appointment Thursday afternoon at Darwin Fairgrounds, and with qualifying and the race looming on the horizon. We hope to get in a solid afternoon of track testing Thursday, and arrange for temporary vehicle certification so we can get in some highway testing Friday Morning out on the Arnhem Highway [SE] of town.

We are hoping our friends at Elmo Motion Control can provide us some assistance in improving our acceleration to acceptable levels. Otherwise the overly generous Belgian Team, Umicore, has offered us their old motor controller to make the full 3000 km trip. This generous spirit speaks volumes to the nature of this event, and is an example of the sportsmanship most of the teams share with each other. I am proud to have the opportunity to work alongside so many great teams.

Umicore, Michigan, Aurora and Nuna were all on form yesterday at the track, as they all posted splits down in low 2:10s, apparently effortlessly. I was watching ( albeit briefly) from Pit road with admiration.

On the Canuck front, we are sharing a 2 door pit garage with Queens, and Calgary and Montreal are only 2 doors down. U of T is just a short walk away and Waterloo arrived today to round out the squad. It just goes to show that no matter how far you travel, you might as well be stuck in gridlock on the 401 ;).

I will try to post as often as possible leading into the race start this Sunday, October 21st, but reality/scheduling may get the better of me. Failing that, for the "official" word stay tuned to WWW.WSC.ORG.AU and WWW.SUNSTANG.CA. Pictures/video will follow... I promise!

Cheers from the land where rain falls up, they wear hats on their feet and hamburgers eat people!!


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