Monday, September 12, 2005


Thousands of KM's of Nothing!! No Cars, No Farms, No Kangaroos!!!
This picture doesn't do justice to the beautiful sunsets we saw in the outback!
Devils Marbles. Literally, in the middle of nowhere. It's like someone brought a crane and carefully placed the stones the way they are.

More pics to come once i find my first memory card! :S I think Tom must have it .. i hope! :)



Blogger Seva Alieva said...

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12:15 AM  
Blogger Ave Yuen said...

Guys, huge congrats for making it to WSC. That in itself is a monumental accomplishment, and I'm proud of you guys. You've scored a victory for us poor solar car teams.

cheers from Paris,

Avery Yuen
McMaster's (former) project manager

5:19 AM  

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