Friday, September 09, 2005

On the road...still...

We're now in day x (its hard to keep track) of our Australian odyssey. Currently in Port Augusta, about 300 km north of Adelaide. Tomorrow night we should be in Alice Springs, and then onto Darwin.

Its still surreal. It seems just like home, but not quite. I'm sure it will just get stranger the further we get into the desert.

We're hoping to find some kind of apartment inn in Darwin, so that we can settle in and be happy for the 12ish days we will be there. Last night we stayed at a motel near downtown Adelaide. They upgraded us for free (I think?) to a larger room. It was a whole apartment, with a kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, laundry... It was nice.

Imran has been having fun driving the trailer around. We seem to get stuck in parking lots. Yesterday, and today too, at our hotels, we've had to spend a while getting everything maneuvered in just the right way. He's getting quite good at it though.

Anyway, Imran is just next to me probably writing his own blog entry, so I'll leave this one short so we don't overlap too much.

Cheers from Australia!
- Tom Gwozdz


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