Saturday, September 17, 2005

Day 6: Testing and Media

Hey everyone!
Well we did more lower body testing for the car. Worked out well, but had to get off the track when the top fuel dragsters started showing up :)

We will be testing components in the hotel tonight and will keep up the work tomorrow.... SunStang was featured on the Channel 9 Darwin news! They showed our car and a short interview. It was pretty neat! They mentioned that we were a stark contrast compared to the million dollar cars here. Showed that you can still race a decent car with out spending so much. It may be the wallet talking, but I think having such insane budgets for solar cars takes away from the fun and the excitement of the event. But then again, the World Solar Challenge is an internationally recognized race, and as such, you will get the biggest the best and in turn, the most expensive vehicles in the world. :) There is lots to learn! However, a few teams have complimented some of our systems thus far. Many have liked our simple chassis design! One of our new friends from MIT really liked our battery pack and protection system. He was asking Tom for pointers which made Tom a very happy boy! :).

That's all from Darwin! I'm guessing Rory and Chris will be arriving in a few hours! After that, I'm sure there will be more people posting blogs on here in case you are tired of hearing from me! :)

G'day Mate(s)



Blogger Rafal Gwozdz said...

It's great to read about your progress guys!

Tom, I'm so PROUD OF YOU!!! I knew you were smarter than me but I didn't know that you were that much smarter (giving pointer to MIT guys and all). They have nothing on Gwóźdż from UWO ;)

All that's lef to do is winnig the race.

In my mind you guys have already succeeded. Good luck and may the Sun be your uninterruptable power supply ;)


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