Sunday, September 18, 2005

Darwin: Day 7

Today was a long hot day at the pits. The temperature was 34 Celsius today. It hasn't' been less than 32 since we got to Darwin a week ago! The forecast for the next week: 33 32 32 32 32 . Should be fun! :(

Rory and Chris came into town last night. They went straight to work this morning and it was nice having some more help! With the two extra bodies, we were able to accomplish many tasks. Tomorrow Rory and I will be checking out more supply stores to pick up a few things.

We're hoping to drive with the 'top on' tomorrow afternoon. Should be an exciting few days until scrutineering begins!

The internet connection at this cafe is really getting annoying so I'll keep this blog short. More to come in the coming days.



Blogger Garrett said...

You guys watch out. I got a sunburn napping on the lawn of RMC on a cold day. I hope none of you are red-headed and freckly.

With the Beta team there, any luck and you'll have a race ready car in no time (Imagine that... a ready car BEFORE scrutineering).

4:42 PM  
Blogger scooter said...

Hey Guys,
Sounds like you are having fun. Im looking foward to getting there soon. Im leaving on tues, and will be in darwin late wed night, and I meet up with you as soon as I can


8:59 PM  

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