Friday, September 16, 2005

Darwin: Day 5- 1kw! woo

So it's true, After some testing, and measuring, and cleaning, and calculating, we have a 1kW array (normalized to temperature and solar intensity). Finally! I've always wanted a 1 kW, and now I know what it looks like! :)

So today we obviously got the array set up. And did some array testing. We also set up the brakes. 1 of our master cylinders took less than 10 minutes to bleed and set up. The other backup cylinder is working, but not at top performance. Hopefully Rory can solve this problem!

I took the car on the track for a couple of laps. Too bad we had some sensor glitches, so we weren't' able to get up to speed sadly. However, Tom promptly fixed the problem but it was past 5 pm (which is when the track closes) so we will try our luck tomorrow now.

I guess the beta team is somewhere over the pacific ocean. I hope they are well rested, they have much to do! ;)

Just taking the evening easy. We're downtown in an internet cafe. Lots of people everywhere! It seems like Darwin is a big backpacker tourist location.

Ok... Just got the word that the cafe is closing in 10 minutes......... I might not be updating for a couple of days.. but if I do... you are in luck! ;)



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