Thursday, September 15, 2005

Darwin: Day 4 With Pictures!

Well anther fun filled day :P Spend most of my day finding supplies to fix the aeroshell 'sag'. Tom and Ken kept motoring on with wiring up the batteries and array. We finally got it all hooked up and began testing the array. It looks like one of our MPPTs (Maximum Power Point Trackers) is dropping the efficiency of the array. (For those of you non ECE people, an MPPT is a smart DC DC converter.....errr... ok let me try this again, they take the power from the array, and regulate it to maximize their output with respect to the lighting conditions... ya.. i think thats what they do. Someone who actually knows how they work may want to respond! :)
We should have some power readings soon and will post them for the world to see..... or we might just keep it a well guarded secret... keep reading our blogs and you will see :)

Other than that, I tried to get the canopy together, but I can't do much until our adhesives arrive. I'll be repairing the aeroshell first thing in the morning and will move on to the dreaded brake bleeding process. Our goal is to run a few hot laps tomorrow afternoon!

Check out the pics: some of these pics were taken when we first landed in Oz.

Tom and I at THE Opera House. We considered going inside, but realized that most people don't care about Opera, so a picture outside was good enough for us!!!

Wow! This was an amazing spot. Just outside of Glendambo Road House (i think!! :)). There is absolutely nothing around here. At that time, we are on top of a plateau. Absolutely amazing view of our surroundings.
Oops, kind of out of order. But a little note left for us on the crate by Rory before we left.
In Mastercraft we trust! That drill press has seen it all! A tech teacher back in highschool told me that this drill press would never last ;). It's been through 5 Robotics competitions (highschool) plus attended the 2003 ASC qualifier and 2004 Formula Sun Race. I think it's the best $95 I've ever spent ;).

I think i'll have to post more pictures in a seperate entry.... stay tuned.....



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