Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Darwin: Day 2

Today we unpacked our car from the trailer and took some time to asses the damage. So far, no major problems, however there is some damage to the aeroshell that will need some work. Thankfully, we were able to find industrial supply stores right behind our motel that had all the supplies we would need (electrical components, Fiberglas resins, tools, machine shops etc etc).

I'm taking the team 'mom' role (get food, get supplies, cook etc :) ) for the first couple of days while Tom and Ken get the electrical systems setup. They unpacked the batteries, soldered some capacitors onto the control circuits, and reassembled the battery pack as well. The high power box was removed from the car so we can work from the air conditioned hotel. Ken wired up some of the array cables on to the bus bar and installed the connector. A short day of work today, but we'll be at the track garage for most of the day tomorrow.

We're hoping the array cables will be connected tomorrow, and that a quick charge test on the batteries can take place. That will be a huge step for us over here. We have the Umicore team from Belgium next to us in the pits. They have been very kind in offering us help!

We're staying at the Leprechaun Motel. It's nice and I was able to pull a deal. Got the price dropped by $140 dollars for the rental!

Chris and Rory should be arriving this weekend and will be busy all this week. They have done an awesome job keeping things going at the home front, with machining parts, organizing supplies and sorting through a pile of stuff.

A great man once said, on to day 3....... So be it! On to day 3!



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