Thursday, September 29, 2005

Alice Springs

Well, we've now arrived in Alice Springs, which marks nearly 1500 kilometers of our trip so far. Things are going well, we are now continuing at roughly 65-75 km/h. We are gaining considerable ground on the teams just ahead of us, and are expecting to pass a number of them later on today.

The team has done a great job working together so far, and putting up with the flies of the outback. We've finished the first four days of the race, and are looking forwards to the last 4. Weather has been phenomenal, and we are pulling in a great deal of power off our array, allowing us to choose the speed that we want to cruise at. Everyone is very pleased with the success of the car, and the speed at which we are able to drive. It has been a lot of fun for everyone, and we will be sure to post pictures as soon as we are able to. The next post will probably not be for another few days, as there are no towns between Alice Springs and Adelaide with more than 500 people, so any internet access will be very unlikely.



Blogger Blake Connoy said...

Hey guys!
It's fantastic how well you're all doing. As Salman, Rob, the Dean - everyone - has said, SunStang is definitely something to be proud of. I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that I'm looking forward to your next update. Hope the weather continues to be excellent.
Good luck!!

9:08 PM  
Blogger Lesley Mounteer said...

Hi everyone - thanks very much for the phone message Imran. The Dean updated the Advisory Council yesterday on your progress and will be talking about SunStang all weekend for Homecoming. WE (Western Engineering) are all very proud of you and are anxious to hear more news and see pictures.

Keep up the great work and good luck!

12:24 PM  
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