Tuesday, September 06, 2005

4:30 am ... Can't sleep

Well I can't sleep. Not sure if it's something I ate, or I'm still having trouble adjusting to the time. Tom doesn't' seem to have a problem when it comes to sleeping! :) I think the only reason why Tom wakes up in the morning is to work on sunstang. If there was no sunstang, he would just sleep all day long :) .

It's surreal. I just can't believe that we are here. We go outside, see the cars drive on the wrong side of the road, talk to people with strange accents, and see indoor house plants everywhere.... Only difference is that they are outside :). Yet, it still just seems like we sat around in an airplane for 20 hours and ended up back in the same place. bizarro Canada :) .

Who would have ever thought that a few months ago that this would actually happen. I mean there was quiet optimism, and often quiet pessimism. I just remember my motivating factor was all (and there were many) who said this wasn't going to happen. I don't know why that drives me personally. I guess i just love to prove people wrong. And even if i can't, i've always had an ability to persuade people to change their minds, or atleast come up with a good excuse that satisfied me :D.

I never thought I would be so worried about hitting a Kangaroo. That's it! That's why i can't sleep! Never in my life did i think i would say that!

Lots of debate going on here on the news. Surprise Surprise, it has to do with Gas Prices, Sea King Helicopters, and The United States. Geeze, it's just like home *wipes tear from eye*. Somethings change.. but others, well they are just global constants! The price of gas is upto $1.60 in some places around Sydney, however the average is in the 1.25 range. Sea King Helicopters. Those things were a work horse for the last 40 years, i think it's time for everyone to announce that the Sea King belongs only in one place, a museum. Seriously, I saw one hanging fromt the top of the Science and Technology museum in Chicago! :) For the safety of rescuers, just get rid of those flying (only sometimes) traps!. On and why are the ozzies angry at the U.S? Well apparently they have a problem with having U.S big business men coming in to town, taking over large corporations, devaluing their shares, and then running from town. It's quite common from what i hear. weird.... Man.. enough about politics!! Back to solar car raycing!

So we'll be headed up in a few hours to the outback. How exciting! 4500 kms of nothing but nothingness! should be awesome! Apparently a few teams are already camping out at the raceway in Darwin. Nuna (2001 and 2003 WSC champions) are there, and University of Michigan(NASC Champs 2005), our friends down the 401, will be there in a few days. Should be neat to be around the best for a few days and hopefully teach them a few things on budget solar car raycing! These teams both have budgets nearing or surpassing $1,000,000. However, money never wins races, not even in solar car raycing. These teams are the pinnicle of organization, well planning, and experience. The money just makes things a little easier.

Well i'm not sure what to do with my remaining 14 minutes on this internet cafe machine. Might check out the toronto star online and see what i'm missing out!

Seeya around folks,


Blogger giakovid said...

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5:21 PM  
Blogger giakovid said...

Hey Imran and Tom

Great to hear u made it down under and are enjoying ozzy land---it truely is a great place--u both have earned this!!

Keep working hard!!

Persistence wins

Keep ur chins UP the "budget solar car" has tons of potential

Keep the post coming!!!

Be safe

Have fun:)

Greg Iakovidis

5:25 PM  
Blogger epsi said...

Hey, its Justin.

Hope you guys have a good time and good luck down there!

7:34 PM  
Blogger Mr. Atcha-Morrow said...

Glad to hear you guys made it. Imran, so much for giving you "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" on DVD. Sorry that my country is so jerky. Have fun in the outback and good luck. Nice blog, it has been interesting to keep up.

Budget smudget, you guys will rock.

1:04 AM  

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