Tuesday, August 30, 2005

SunStang Live!

August 29th 2005: SunStang is Officially Blogged! So here is the deal! We will be reporting from the road via this Blog. Our aim is to keep all of our friends, family and fans up-to-date with all the happenings of the team, before, during, and after the race.

So a little update:

The car was shipped from London Ontario on Thursday August 25 by truck to Toronto. That was an adventure on it's own! It took the team almost 30 hours straight to tie loose ends and pack the crate! It was an adventure on it's own to pack the crate and manage to get 900 kgs of car and gear into one box. By 12 pm Thursday afternoon, the team finally put the last screws in the crate and took a well deserved break until the truck picked up the crate. From Toronto, it will head to Pearson International and be loaded on to a Korean Airlines Freighter. From there it's headed to Incheon South Korea, and then transferred to another plane headed to Sydney on September 1st. The Crate was picked up around 6 pm from the University Machine Services dock.

A special thanks goes out to all the guys at UMS. From Kevin Barker who machined our A-arms and did several composite lay ups, to Chris who machined the Suspension mounts. Jack, who is always willing and able to weld parts up for us. Cody, who got the axles and kingpins ready for installation. Doug, who machined some steering components in a hurry! Also, can't forget Bob who has had to deal with me for the last 2 summers working for him while trying to manage the SunStang team. He has been flexible with me all the time and has supported us whenever he could. Peter gets a special mention just cause we've always given him a hard time!! He always comes through whenever we need something ordered or borrow a piece of equipment and we probably don't thank him enough for his time and effort. Special thanks to Clayton who has been a huge help in getting things done for us like setting the axles (which is a nerve-wracking experience) to assisting in loading our crate. Finally, Gary and Garvin! They were awesome enough to stick around a few hours after work to load the crate on to the truck! It was a lot of hard work and they hung in there for us to make sure it was done right! Without them, the crate would have NEVER made it into the truck and we would be stuck with a car and nowhere to go!!! All in all, the guys at UMS are some of the greatest people you will ever meet! I'm not just saying that because I work there! They are genuinely interested in helping all the teams out without hesitation and have made our lives that much easier! Without their help, much of what we do, could never have been possible! We could only wish to have their whole team with us at the race to help us along our way! Again thank you to them!!!

More to come, more to thank as the days go by!

From London (for another few days!),


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